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Use a Trigger to Preset Questions in the Description

Learn how to use Groovy script in a trigger to preset questions in the description field of a quality issue and make it conditional based on the issue type.

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How to Use REST APIs to Access Quality Object Descriptions

Learn how to access the description of Quality Issues and Quality Actions both through REST web services and Groovy scripting.

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Create a Matrix to Set a Conditional Value

Learn how to create multiple lists of values that are related such that selecting values in the first two will automatically assign the third by using a custom object to form a matrix of possible…

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List Affected Item Attributes on a New Tab

Learn how to bring affected item data to an admin-defined tab of a Quality Issue to display summary information on all affected item.

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Create a Dynamic Issue Number

Learn how to create your own object numbering scheme using Groovy and REST.

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Create a Requirements Specification from an Idea

Learn how to configure your system so that a matching requirements specification is created for an idea after the idea status is set to accepted. The script involved will copy data from extra…

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Use a Product Rule to Invoke a Global Function

Learn to create global functions and invoke them from product rules. In this case, you'll see how to create a function that checks affected items on change orders to determine if each affected…

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Set a Subobject Attribute Value

Learn how to use Groovy scripting in Application Composer to change the status of change order tasks.

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Automate Task Creation on a Change Request

Learn how to add a Groovy script in Application Composer that creates a change task based on a condition.

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Set an Attribute Value on a Change Order

Learn how to write a Groovy script that will select a field value based on the user selection of another field value.

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Calculate Proposal Revenue Amount

Learn how to add new fields to the Revenue tab of a Proposal and use Groovy scripting to calculate input from the new fields to generate the Amount of a Revenue record. In addition, learn how to add…

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Create an Object Using Groovy Script

Learn to write Groovy scripting in Application Composer that will create an object in your application. A textual equivalent of this video is available…

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