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Integration Update Webcast March 2023

The release of Oracle Integration 3 - 23.02, will include the availability of b2b and process, is scheduled for February 2023. Compelling new Integration functionality is planed for example: …

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[MD-14]Implementar soluciones de DR aprovechando el componente de integración de OIC

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Multi-Cloud Integration between Oracle SaaS and MS Azure using Oracle Integration PaaS Partner Community Webcast February 2022

In this session, we are going to see a short brief of multi-cloud integration use cases/patterns that we have worked on with some customers, and a live demo story showing how we can feed an Azure…

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DevOps with FlexDeploy for Oracle Integration LHR customer case study - PaaS Partner Community Webcast January 2022

Capgemini Agile InnovationCapgemini Oracle Innovate Capgemini FlexDeploy for Oracle Integration FlexDeploy for Oracle Integration Partner Technical Forum US, Canada,…

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Oracle Oracle Integration Update Webcast December 2021

Product Management Webinar Attend to get…

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How to connect your B2B ecosystem using Oracle Integration Partner Community Webcast July 2021

Learn more about the B2B capabilities in Oracle Integration which now enables you to combine Application and Multi Enterprise Integrations with the same platform. We will walk through an overview of…

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Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner FY22 Launch Webcast

Want to increase the Oracle Cloud business? Create new service offerings for Oracle SaaS solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Attend this webcast with Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Oracle…

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Intégrer tout type de données avec MySQL Database Service et HeatWave

Cette session fait partie de la Journée MySQL en Français du 19 mai 2021. Découvrez comment intégrer facilement tout type de données avec MySQL Database Service.…

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Cloud Platform Partner Update #71 February 2021

The February video includes three topics: • Oracle Integration February Update • Oracle Video Hub • Oracle Integration Scalability & Resilience For regular updates please…

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Oracle Integration Update by the Product Management Team March 2021

Participants will be provided with an update on the latest innovations on Oracle Integration released in Feb 2021. Our Oracle Integration Product Managers will give attendees exclusive access to our…

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Oracle Integration Customer Webcast February 2021

Watch this webcast to accelerate your digital transformation with pre-integrated connectivity to Oracle as well as third-party SaaS and on-premises apps, run-ready process automation templates, and…

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Cloud Platform Partner Update #72 March 2021

The March video includes three topics: • OIC hands-on Bootcamps • Oracle Hospitality Week • OHIP Webcast…

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OIC End to End Demo

Quick demo showing different aspects of OIC including Low Code VBCS, Insights, ERP Adapter and Process.

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Partner Webcast – Integration Insight in Oracle Integration

Today’s competitive market demands that stakeholders understand, monitor, and react to rapidly changing conditions. Businesses need flexible, dynamic, and detailed insight – and they need…

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OCI in Pocket - Cloud Integration: Como integrar sistemas SaaS, PaaS e OnPremises com o Oracle Integration Cloud

Uma apresentação sobre como automatizar e padronizar a experiência de compra usando assistentes digitais. Sessão: 17/12/2020 09:00 - 09:30h Apresentado por: Pablo Freitas…

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Cloud Native and Serverless SaaS Extensions - PaaS Partner Community Webcast

A number of customers have already built extensions/ integrations with Oracle SaaS using a variety of Oracle PaaS services. Going forward some of these will want to upgrade, migrate or build …

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