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Order Management REST Documentation

Learn where to find the guidance you need to create REST API interactions with Order Management Cloud.

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SOP Audit Process

Learn how to create and configure your own audit process. This example shows a possible process flow for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This link is referenced in the video:…

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Use a Global Function to Check for a Project

Learn how to use REST web services to validate that an object in another application exists. If it does exist then you can proceed, but if not, the system will not let you continue.

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List Affected Item Attributes on a New Tab

Learn how to bring affected item data to an admin-defined tab of a Quality Issue to display summary information on all affected item.

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Create a Dynamic Issue Number

Learn how to create your own object numbering scheme using Groovy and REST.

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Create a Quality Action from a Quality Issue and Copy Field Values

Learn how to use REST web service connections in Application Composer to script a new Create Quality Action selection for the Actions menu of Quality Issues that copies extended field values and…

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